Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Ear for Music

So Caleb and I are in my bedroom, pretending to clean, but we've been on a break for a while now. And while we're not actually cleaning, we're listening to music on my computer. I've got iTunes open and it's randomly shuffling through one of the folders. Most of it is Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers. There's also some Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas' solo cd mixed in there too.

Caleb gets up to go to the bathroom and a new song comes on. Caleb calls out from the bathroom, "Hey, is that Hannah Montana?" Why yes, yes it is. The one Hannah Montana song I have on my computer. I was impressed he knew who it was, especially since we haven't had television since moving to our new house at the end of April and hence have had no Hannah Montana in our life since then and weren't watching that much of the show the few months before that either.

So yeah, we listen to some pretty stellar music around here.


Laura Read said...

MY son begs for Bob Marley.
Sorry about your bum luck

Patti said...

Cool. Now I can have a new buddy to say "who's singing" and he'll actually be able to play along instead of randomly guessing!

samandholly said...

That was just sad. I thought I taught you better than that. In spite of all the other uncoolness I may have given you, I thought I at least gave you exposure to good music!