Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tonight's Sunset

Tonight, Caleb and I happened to be out in the backyard at sunset and noticed how pretty the sky looked. (Photo really does not do it justice, sorry.)

I went in and grabbed my camera to take a picture of the sky. Then Caleb jumped up on the big rock in our backyard and I tried to take his picture but he jumped back down again. I told him I wanted to take his picture. He said I was supposed to take a picture of the sky. So I told him I already did take a picture of the sky and now I wanted to take a picture of him on the rock. Being the angel that he is, he climbed back up on the rock and let me take his picture even though he was not in the mood. He even smiled for me. Such a good kid.

In other news, since I've been terrible at posting pictures on this blog as of late, look how calm Caleb's hair is these days. I think it's a mixture of the heat and the fact that he's addicted to showering. He wakes me up asking if he can take a shower. He showers by himself whatever days I'm not showering or if I'm just not awake enough to shower with him. We go through a lot more shampoo this way, but he really enjoys it and I figure I should encourage him in his daily showering habit. Plus that means anywhere from ten to thirty minutes that I can have to myself, which is a real luxury these days. We've also starting combing his hair after he showers, so maybe that's the trick to the less crazy hair these days.

And another random tidbit of Calebness - he thinks his eyes are green. He tells me I have brown eyes, Daddy has blue eyes and Caleb has green eyes. Sometimes I'll correct him, but usually that just starts an argument where he keeps insisting that his eyes are green. And it's hard for me to really argue that they're blue, because they've always been more gray than blue, so... There are times, however, that he'll correct himself and remember that he has blue eyes.

Oh, one more. The shirt he's wearing, he calls it his "ghost shirt" and loves to wear it. One random day, he asked me for his ghost shirt and I had no idea what he was talking about because he doesn't have any shirts with ghosts on them that I know of (maybe an old Halloween shirt, but all the Halloween clothes are elsewhere since they are all long sleeved). So I went through his drawer trying to convince him that one of the shirts in the drawer was a ghost shirt. When I pulled out this cave one that used to be his cousin Jackson's, I pointed at the little stick figure man and said he could be a ghost since he's making a funny face. Which was apparently good enough logic for Caleb because the shirt has since been dubbed the ghost shirt and he asks to wear it even when it's in the dirty laundry (but I say no). Yesterday he saw me folding it (having cleaned the laundry) and wanted to put it on, but it was an hour till bedtime so I convinced him to wait till today to wear it since then he could wear it all day long instead of just one hour. I was surprised when after his shower this morning, he remembered he wanted to wear his ghost shirt and went digging through his drawer looking for it.


Patti said...

Beautiful sunset, beautiful son. Thanks for posting and catching us up on stuff.