Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop #2

{More fall photos from our trip to Provo Canyon several weeks ago}

As we headed back down the mountain, we kept our eyes peeled for any spot where we could pull over and possibly get some good colors.

We stopped at a little turnout next to a small trail. The trail led around the corner and then up into a big open area. Caleb loved it. He loved looking around at everything and being in nature. He loved it so much that he didn't want to stop and smile for the camera. Or even look at the camera really.

So I made Brandon toss Caleb up into this tree. I loved the branch coming across and thought it would be a great accent to the picture. The only problem (besides Caleb still not wanting to look at me) was that the branch was at my eye line and I couldn't get a decent shot.

Brandon took this one, since well, he's much taller than I am.

Then I decided to try a few more angling from below the branch. Caleb was much more photogenic once he could actually see me (and he was still stuck in the tree and couldn't run away to enjoy nature on his own).


Bekah said...

Adorable pictures. The fall colors are amazing. That cutie pie could make any background look good, but wow fall. How I long for fall. Although we have had a few cooler days in the last few weeks it was 90 again today and the leaves havent even started to turn. At least I can live vicariously through your pictures and others who get to enjoy seasons. Thanks for sharing.

Barbour said...

Those are really cut. I hope one makes it to the wall.