Thursday, October 30, 2008

Definitely a Monster

Took Caleb to Sears today to get Halloween pictures taken. It was awful. He cried pretty much the whole time and kept clinging to me. I don't know why I bother. I typically like the pictures I take of him better anyway. Oh well, maybe we'll try one more time for Christmas pictures and then call it quits after that. (Unless miraculously Caleb turns into an angel in the next month and a half.)

Anyway, here are some photos of our monster.


Patti said...

You take him because they have backdrops. Besides, some of those photos are very cute.

Bekah said...

They didn't turn out to bad. But I can see why you would want to just do it yourself. But for a limited time session these are still pretty darn cute. Not all pictures have frowny faces.
He's cute anyways, even frowning.
Have fun trick-or-treating.

Petula said...

He's adorable even if he is a monster! :D

BTW: Thanks for stopping by and entering my contest for the t-shirt. Good luck!

Tara said...

I hear ya sister! I gave up after the 4th & 5th were born. We haven't been to a portrait studio in years....your pics on the next post with the sunset are BEAUTIFUL! Who needs Sears? ;O)

Thanks for dropping by my bloggy giveaway! Hope you'll come back and visit! I do lots of giveaways!!