Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Now that Halloween is over (as is October), I figure it's about time I posted some of our Halloween festivities. Back on Oct. 17th, Caleb, Mommy, and Nana went to Wheeler Farm together.

The sun was setting on the pumpkin patch, which I thought would make the most gorgeous photos. Caleb, on the other hand, thought that being a model was a sucky job and wanted no part in it. Hence I got no good sunset photos of him. At least not of him alone.

Despite all the tears, we did manage this one good shot using fruit snacks as both bribe and tear stopper.

For the most part, all Caleb wanted to do was be held by Mommy. And even though Mommy had no make-up on and no intention of being photographed that day, it was the only way Caleb would be in a picture.

And because my mom always posts pictures of me on her blog (usually ones I think are extremely unflattering of me), here's a picture of her and Caleb together.

My camera had a fake out attack and thought it'd quit functioning and claim it's strike as battery related (though the battery was fully charged), so we didn't get many more photos with my good camera, and my other one is temporarily MIA. If I ever find it again, I'll update with more photos of that night. (Too bad the camera warranty doesn't cover cases of Mommy brain -- I swear I lose that thing more often than I know where it is. Then again, that's true of my cell phone too...And probably my keys.)


Bekah said...

Cute post. I think you look great, I was mostly looking at Caleb though. He looks like he had fun. Love the barn door photo.
Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

Did you find your camera yet? Caleb was taking pictures with it a few posts ago... Thought that may help. :) Good luck!