Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween. At Last.

On Halloween day, the Crowleys came over to party with us. Naomi fell asleep on the way over (4:15 pm), so that cut our festivities short. Probably for the better, as it was a long night starting at 6:30, I can't imagine what our kids would have been like had we started at 4:15.

After dinner, we woke Naomi up so we could start the partying. Caleb really enjoyed modeling her halloween costume for her. (Actually it's Cory's hat, but Naomi's guns.)

We put Caleb in his Halloween costume without a single tear. We had gone to a second ward party down in Springville a couple nights before (and it was seriously the hugest ward activity I've ever seen in my life), so by the time Halloween finally rolled around, Caleb knew that wearing his costume meant he got candy.

At our ward trunk or treat, I made the mistake of pulling Caleb's hood down so his nursery leader could recognize him. He refused to keep it up the rest of the time we were there. Even when it started sprinkling on us.

When we went trunk or treating in Springville, Caleb wanted to be held the entire time, so I didn't get any pictures (although Brandon was the one holding him). This time, Brandon was passing out candy from the back of our Outlook, so I insisted that Caleb walk. He's just too heavy for me to carry around. He did pretty good, but only because Naomi was really brave and Caleb just followed after her. At one point, Naomi lingered behind and Caleb kept calling "Naomi! Naomi!" over and over until she joined us again.

After the ward party, we headed up to Orem for a party at the Quilters. Since they only live a couple blocks away from my grandma, I thought it'd be fun to stop and say hello to her first. The only house Caleb actually trick or treated at ended up being her next door neighbor's house which we stopped at real quick on our way back to the car. Caleb walked up to the steps just fine, but then realized we weren't following him (since I wanted to get a picture). He freaked out and insisted he be held.

Below is a picture of Faith (as a monkey), Caleb (our little monster), and Naomi (as a cowgirl). Faith pointed the gun a little too close to Caleb's face, so after this first picture, he wanted off the couch.

Overall, Halloween was a fun, if not extremely emotional, holiday for us.


Barbour said...

Caleb is so good at wearing his costume. Teak was so grumpy and breaking his.

Kristy said...

karen, what's a trunk or treat? (as opposed to trick or treat)