Sunday, November 30, 2008

Child Labor

Last week (11/25), Caleb had a play date with Naomi. We went to the library together for story time. Afterward, we came back to our house and it was just so nice out that we didn't want to go inside. Not to mention that Daddy was working on a project outside and the kiddos were eager to help out.

So we put them to work.

Then the kids decided they needed a break from all that hard work...

and left Daddy to finish up the job. (Brandon packed the trashcan so full, that even after the trash collectors came by the next morning to empty the trashcan, it was still half full. The leaves were that squished in there.)

Our neighbors came home with a huge box of apples and shared their wealth with Caleb and Naomi.


Barbour said...

Arts and Crafts?

Bekah said...

Adorable pictures. What great fall fun.
Thanks for sharing.