Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hat Model

Caleb hates wearing hats. The instant we put one on is the same instant he takes the hat back off. Sometimes he even beats us to the punch, ripping the hat off before we can get it all the way on. In fact, when shopping for a beanie for him this winter, we opted against the super cute one because it cost more and chances are this kid will never wear it.

But occasionally, Caleb thinks hats are fun to play with. Any time he puts one on, I give him my most encouraging gushes, making a huge deal out of how cute he is or how funny or how whatever emotion he seems to be going for, in hopes that he'll wear a hat more often.

There are rare moments, like this one on October 26th, where Caleb keeps a hat on long enough for me to take a picture. Some days, the kid's a total ham for the camera. Those are my favorite days.

In case you can't tell, he's wearing Brandon's black APX hat backwards.


Barbour said...

He still doesn't like hats but wants to work for APX. come on you haven't recruited him yet:)

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

Hey Karen! It's been way too long since I came to your blog. I can't believe how big Caleb is now. It's amazing how quickly the kids grow up. Looks like you are all doing well, and still posting like crazy.

Have you had any chance to do more creative writing? I know I've been pretty bad about doing any for the last... oh 4 years.

But, also, I wanted to point you towards Mia's blog to check out our Halloween pictures. It's an old costume concept, but a good one. ;)