Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Smith's Pumpkin Bin

Last year, while looking for a good pumpkin picture taking spot, we ended up throwing Caleb in the bin of pumpkins at Smith's (our local grocery store).

This year, I'm not even sure how many times we planned on going to a pumpkin patch (nearly every day it felt like) and we NEVER went! It always got dark sooner than I wanted and there just isn't a pumpkin patch closer than twenty minutes away (which made the impending darkness even more bothersome).

So, leave it to trusty ol' Smith's to come through for us again. (Photos from Oct 24th, when it was probably already too dark to be taking pictures. But oh well. They're cute.)

(I don't know that anyone checks the links to our previous posts, but I can't believe how much this kid has changed in a year. When I look back at the same stuff we did last year, I almost don't even recognize that baby. Was he really mine?)


Lisa said...

How creative! Did you get any funny looks?

Jill said...

Great idea. We'll have to remember that one for the future!