Monday, November 24, 2008

Mason and fam

A while ago, I took some gorgeous photos of Caleb in the sunset, even though the reason we were outside at such a time was to take maternity photos.

Back when the baby was still in the belly:

Now their family looks more like this:

Cristal let me photograph Mason last week (despite the fact that she's yet to receive the photos from our maternity shoot). The sun wasn't being our friend (I hate that it gets dark so early), so I ransacked our house looking for every lamp we had, giving me a whopping three lights to work with.

That's okay. It worked out. And Mirra was more than willing to pose for me while we tried to get the lighting figured out.

My favorite thing about doing these photos was that when I edited them, I got to put them in black and white or faded color. I almost never do that to Caleb's photos, as I like them to look real and not artsy. But I love the artsy look.

Mirra and Mason together:

And finally, the star of the show, who refused to sleep and kept pooping in his diaper every time we attempted to take it off of him so we could have cute naked baby pictures:


Fox Family said...

Karen, you seriously have talent! Love the shot with the wedding rings. Adorable!

Patti said...

You have some very creative shots there. Good job, Kake!

The Hernandez Family said...

Yeah, the wedding ring shot is awesome!!

Jill said...

Can you take pictures of my family? We only live 13 hours away...