Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Falling Leaves

Last year, we took a photo of Caleb in a huge pile of leaves in our yard on Halloween day. This year, by Halloween we didn't have any leaves in our yard. We drove up to SLC on November 5th to take my mom to the airport and it was winter there. When we came home, I looked at all the beautiful yellow leaves still on our tree and was thankful for them.

The very next morning, they were ALL on the lawn. Seriously, the whole tree dumped onto our lawn in one day. But at least we only had to rake once this year. (Although the backyard hasn't fallen yet, so I'm sure we'll have to get the rake out again one of these days.)

{Brandon and I have an ongoing war over cutting corners, since cougars don't cut corners, though Brandon does and I always tell him he should get kicked out of BYU for it. So whenever I see Caleb following in his mommy's footsteps, I have to document it. The above photo occurred when I told Caleb to go help Daddy rake and Caleb voluntarily chose to walk down the sidewalk and around the yard to get up to where Brandon was.}

{This last one Brandon took for me. Apparently, being tall helps in photography.}


Patti said...

It must have been chilly by the time you took the last few pictures...Caleb's little nose looks cold! Such cute pictures. Oh, and moms of cougars don't cut corners either. Just so you know.

Barbour said...

So jealous of all the leaves. Cutting corners totally with Brandon, God made grass to walk and sit on not just look pretty.