Monday, November 10, 2008

Nana's Halloween Party

Saturday, October 25th, we went up to West Jordan to go to my mom's ward party. First, they had a trunk or treat at the neighborhood park. After that, we headed over to the church for chili and a few games.

Nana gave Caleb some candy so he would be happy wearing his monster costume. She didn't realize at the time that he'd be able to unwrap it and pop it in his mouth before anyone could tell him no. But he did.

Caleb was a little shy about trick or treating. He demanded that he be held. It took about three people before he was willing to take the candy from them. A few more and we could get him to say thank you. About half way through, he finally said trick or treat. Very quietly.

At the ward party, Caleb's favorite game was fishing. At first, he got a piece of bubble gum. Then I realized that they had these little balls and asked if we could trade our bubble gum. Daddy took Caleb fishing again a little later in the night and we asked up front for a baby appropriate toy. Caleb absolutely loves balls and has had so much fun playing with these little tiny sports balls ever since we got them.

Once we were home again, Caleb had fun going through his loot. Not that he got to eat much more of it once Nana wasn't around to give in. (In fact, I gave the majority of it away at our ward's trunk or treat since there wasn't even any candy that Brandon or I wanted from Caleb's stash.)


Barbour said...

Doug and I have been eating the boys and I've gain a pound or two from it. We are so done with sugar.

Fox Family said...

great picture of the three of you. Karen you look beautiful!