Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Avoid Eating Dinner

Last night, Caleb didn't want to eat dinner. He hasn't wanted much to eat for the last couple days and dinner is typically his worst meal when he's in a not eating mood. He laid his head down on the table and smiled up at us so cute, that we no longer cared that he wasn't eating.

Instead, I told him not to move and ran to get the camera.

I put my camera down to finish eating dinner. Less than three minutes later, Caleb was asking me to take his picture again. This is the pose he gave me when I picked the camera back up.

I find it hard to take pictures of other people's kids since mine is such a ham for the camera. All I have to do is get it out and the kid will smile. Such a good little model I have. If only my good little model was also a good little dinner eater. Oh well. We're not all perfect I guess.


Abigail said...

Leann just needs to come back!!

Patti said...

Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. He knows when he needs to eat. I just hope he'll eat when he comes to live at Nana's house for a week!
Love the new look on your blog!

Jill said...

hopefully he's always good for the camera... ryan used to be, ahh, the memories.
caleb's a cutie!

Bekah said...

Since when did this start? I remember it was just yesterday (seemed like) that he didn't want to look at you when you were holding the camera at all. That's a nice change. He has such a sweet smile.

Lesley Wright said...

I really like the picture at the beginning of your blog of you and Caleb, precious. Caleb is a Brandon, he looks exactly like him. That is so great that Caleb love his picture taken. It makes for great photos