Thursday, January 1, 2009

Partying the Night Away

Happy new year! We rang in the new year with a party at our friends' house. Lots of yummy food and fun games. Caleb refuses to sleep anywhere but his own bed, so even after all the other kids were asleep, he was still running wild. Then again, he was up to ring in 2008, so why sleep through the switch to 2009?

Caleb watching a movie (which kept him entertained for a good five minutes).

Then came 2009. Kisses for the sleeping Naomi.

Kisses for a barely awake Naomi.

The best she could reciprocate was a very sleepy head hug.

Hugs (and a bit of dancing) for Daddy.

Our family in 2009.

Family kisses.

Daddy wanted kisses, but Caleb said no.

Mommy got lots of kisses though. Even super long kisses so Daddy could try and capture one with the camera.

Finally asleep at 2 am!


Fox Family said...

Karen! I am so impressed with all the photos of you!! I especially love the new one up top of you and Caleb... very nice!!!! I am still amazed that your son stays up so late. Happy New Year!

The R.O.C. said...

Yeah, we went to bed at 9:30

Crowley Family said...

We are now in Arizona. We miss you guys. Naomi said she wanted to see Caleb yesterday, and I felt bad because I knew she wouldn't see him for a long while. We'll be back so they can have their kiss again. How was Cancun?