Saturday, March 20, 2010

Almost Three

Interview with Caleb on the eve of his birthday:
(All answers given by Caleb, without prompting, despite the fact that I disagree with the majority of them.)

Favorite TV show: Handy Manny (though in reality, it's probably Phineas and Ferb)
Favorite movie: Frog and the Princess (aka Princess and the Frog -- which we watched last night. I doubt it's actually his favorite.)
Favorite color: orange
Favorite food: oranges (by which he means little cutie clementine oranges)
Favorite toy: Lightning McQueen (no idea what toy he's talking about here)
Favorite cereal: Fruit Loops
Best Friend: Harley, Mommy, Nana, Daddy...and...Caleb (to clarify, I asked if he was his own best friend and he said yes. Later I asked him again who his best friend is and he answered Mommy.)
Favorite Drink: water and juice red (aka Hawaiian Punch's Lemon Berry Squeeze mixed with water -- and he will ask for "juice and water" when we ask him what he wants to drink)
Favorite Book: P.U. Zorilla (too bad it's a library book)


Barbour said...

Happy Birthday Caleb. Three, Linden is five on Thursday. So grown up.

Patti said...

I'm so happy I got to be with Caleb for his birthday.