Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nap Attack

The other week, Caleb was having one of those days that just begged for a nap. So I gave him a choice: did he want to sleep upstairs (where his bedroom is) or downstairs (where the living room is). He picked downstairs. So I asked him whether he wanted to sleep on the couch or on Mommy (because we have two couches and I was on the smaller one). He chose to sleep on Mommy.

He climbed into my lap, tucked himself into a ball of sorts, and promptly fell asleep.

Eventually, he rolled over (and Harley joined the pile). Though how he could sleep in this position, I just don't know.

Precious though, isn't he?


Patti said...

That in no way looks comfortable (when he rolled over). How precious that boy is though! Missing him way too much!!!

Cheryl said...

So cute, but did you have to stay there pinned down the whole nap?