Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caleb or Harley?

There are lots of ways that Caleb and Harley are alike. So I thought it'd be fun to play a little game and see if you can tell them apart. I'll tell you a characteristic/fact and you tell me who I'm talking about, Caleb or Harley. (Harley's the dog, in case you didn't already know.)

1. Follows me wherever I go
2. Loves to snuggle
3. Likes to jump on me when I'm least expecting it
4. Thinks my bed should be his bed
5. Gets super excited when someone comes to our house.
6. Runs for the front door when I take the trash bag out of the trash can (knowing that I'm headed outside next)
7. Could happily lay on the couch all day long
8. Loves to play outside but only if someone is outside with him
9. Likes baths
10. Loves to wrestle
11. Refuses to listen to me when I say stop wrestling/fighting/etc until I yell really really loud
12. Has a love/hate relationship with the other
13. Has crazy hair (or fur)
14. Gets up earlier in the morning than I want
15. Is currently eating (it's 8:47 pm at this very second)

So how did you do? Super easy, right?

Then, on to the answers. Oh wait, that'd be both of them. For every single one. I mean seriously, can I even tell the two of them apart anymore? How did I get a child and a dog that are exactly alike? Okay, maybe they do have their differences. Like, while they both want to sleep in my bed, only Caleb gets away with it. And Harley wakes up way earlier than Caleb does -- and since he's a dog, I can just put him outside and go back to sleep, but that method wouldn't work at all with my child.


Patti said...

I got them all right! You're not surprised, are you?