Sunday, May 9, 2010

When Daddy's Away...

How you can tell Brandon has left for the summer (and Caleb and I stayed in Arizona):

Church. Week One.

Caleb went to church with his toenails painted, wearing one of Mommy's necklaces, and had pink Tinkerbell chapstick in his pocket.

Church. Week Two.

Caleb asked if he could wear his ring to church (Boots -- the monkey from Dora the Explorer) and of course I said yes. For mother's day, they gave all the women flower hair clips. Caleb wore mine to nursery. It was still in his hair when I picked him up two hours later. (And I'm talking the BIG flowers that they make cutesy hair things out of.)

I can only imagine what his nursery leader (who is a guy, and all the kids in his class are boys -- there are three different nurseries) must think.


FoxFamily said...

Wow! That's cool that your ward gives out flower hair clips. I think something cute and useful is almost as good as chocolate!
Nice that Caleb is so pretty! :-) That's funny.

Patti said...

I'm waiting to see what Brandon has to say about all this, but I think it's hilarious!

Jacob and Cristal said...

What does Daddy have to say about that? He is so cute.

Brandon said...

What's a dad gotta do to make sure his son stays a boy! Gonna have to take him on a survival trip through the jungles of Africa by the time he is 4 to counteract all this femininity!