Thursday, May 27, 2010

Man Around the House

Caleb and I had pizza for dinner tonight (or rather, Wednesday night). Caleb decided he wanted to eat the pepper that came in the box. He put it on his plate and let it sit there for a while as he ate his pizza. Then he decided he wanted to eat it. I told him to wait while I grabbed the camera.

The pepper didn't even last a whole second in his mouth before he took it back out, freaking out that his mouth was hot. His eyes welled up, but he didn't cry.

Even after he finished his pizza, and a second slice, plus a whole lot of water, he still said his mouth was hot. Guess he won't be eating anymore peppers anytime soon. But with Daddy gone, someone has to do it.

Random Caleb trivia: Caleb's favorite pizza topping? Sausage. And he won't eat pineapple on his pizza.

In other manly news, Brandon often tells Caleb when he's talking to him on the phone that he has to be brave and kill the bugs for Mommy because Mommy doesn't like bugs. Now whenever Caleb sees a bug, or sees me swatting the air, or sees me flinch, he stops whatever he's doing and runs for the flyswatter so he can kill the bug for me.


Patti said...

I wish I'd been there to see this! Poor guy! But what a brave boy!

Lesley Wright said...

That is so sweet of him to take care of you while Brandon is away

The Quilters said...

What a cute little man. That's so funny, my girls don't like pineapple on their pizza either.

Bekah said...

What a sweetheart, Loves his mommy. That was brave of him to try the pepper. Hopefully he will want to try it again some time when he is older.

Brandon said...

That's my boy. He's not afraid of those bugs!