Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hobble Creek Canyon part 2

(In order to get the rest of the pictures from the canyon posted, I completely skipped any pictures that didn't have Caleb in them, despite the fact that I still took plenty without him.)

Whenever I was in a picture, I had to ask the children who were also in the picture (usually Caleb) if we were smiling or frowning, just so I could match them. Caleb often answered frowning.

No, the children were not told to be sad for the following photo, that's just how they were all day. We were begging for smiles most the time -- or tricking them out of the kids.

Jacob found a great spot a little ways up the hill for us to take pictures, so we headed on up and continued coercing our children to smile.

Me and Cristal with all our kiddos.

Sitting on a rock up the hill.

Climbing up the hill to see what else we can find.

Caleb reluctantly posing next to a small patch of red leaves.

The kids were done. They were hungry. They were cold. They wanted to go. We were headed back to the car when I saw this gate and being me, needed to go take more pictures. Somehow, the idea of climbing on the gate was appealing to the kids despite the cold and the hungry.

When my card was completely full, I finally gave up my photo quest and we left the canyon.


Bekah said...

Beautiful pictures. You are so pretty, Karen. I love your pictures. I love the fall colors! And Caleb is such a handsome guy.

Patti said...

I'm stealing some of these pictures.

FoxFamily said...

Twas fabulous to see the lovely Karen.