Monday, October 18, 2010

Hobble Creek Canyon

We went on vacation to Utah. Our first stop was St. George, where the Huntsman World Senior Games were going on. Caleb got to see his Grandpa Bud swim, we did a bit of shopping, and went to a pirate restaurant that Caleb absolutely LOVED. (Although, we didn't eat at the pirate restaurant because my mom had heard the food was awful. But they had a little arcade area that Caleb loved. He was talking about it for days before we went and has been talking about it for the week and half since we went.)

After that, we drove up to Springville to see our friends, the Enszers. Caleb had so much fun playing with the kids, Mirra and Mason. Okay, he mostly loved playing with Mirra, but he tolerated Mason extremely well.

While we were with them, we drove up Hobble Creek canyon to take fall photos -- since, well, Arizona doesn't really do fall where we live.

Mirra was so freezing once we took her jacket away from her. Once her turn was over, she was the only one who could get Mason to smile.

I loved the look of these stairs with all the leaves.

Getting the kids to smile seemed to be an impossible feat, so I decided it was time to throw some leaves and have some fun. Which is when I discovered that the secret to getting smiles was to let them throw leaves at me.

We buried the kids in a pile of leaves and let them throw the leaves. They loved it!

There was a tangle of branches, so I tossed Caleb in and snapped away.

I ended up taking like 500 pictures, so the rest will have to wait...


Patti said...

A new post (after only two months!).
I love these pictures. I think there may even be one in here that could replace Caleb's guitar picture on my office wall! I think it's the one in the branches :)
Please post again soon. I miss you guys :(

Crowley Family said...

Love the pictures! I do miss the falls in Utah!

Bekah said...

So cute Karen! Love these pictures of little Caleb, but I hate to say it, he's lost his little baby look, and his little toddler look. He looks like a kid now. But a way cute kid.

Jacob and Cristal said...

It was so fun to see you guys. Thanks for coming. The pictures turned out so cute.