Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jungle Jim's

While staying with my mom in West Jordan, we met up with my aunt Cheryl and all her cute grandbabies and went to Jungle Jim's so the kids could play.

This was Caleb's second time to Jungle Jim's in his little lifetime, and I have to say, he liked it much better this time than he did last time. He liked having all the other kids there to play with, though he'll play with any kids that are around and it didn't matter to him that he was related to these ones. Though it does make me enjoy the pictures more, since all the kiddos in the background are Caleb's third cousins (or is it second cousins?) instead of just strangers.

On the roller coaster -- Christian, Joette's son, and Grant, Jeremy's son, in the car behind Caleb:

Flying an airplane:

Some sort of spinning thing, with Cheryl's knees:

The bumper cars, Grant and Elyssa, Jeremy's kids, in the background:

A little Jeep thing that goes around a track, sitting with Kiera, Joette's daughter:

Riding the carousel: