Saturday, May 21, 2011

Apparently It's Cold Here

(I just posted several wordy posts, so this one will be heavy on the photos. Beware.)

Caleb has crazy hair. It's true. I love it long. But every now and again, I'll look at him and realize his hair is crazy long. So Friday I finally convinced him that it needed to be cut. First we cut Harley's hair and then gave him a bath. Then, since my clothes were already covered in hair, I told Caleb we needed to do his right then so that I could change into non-hair clothes. (Since any time I ask him if he wants his hair cut he either says no or not yet or not now. And any time I tell him we're going to cut his hair, rather than asking, he still says not now.)

Somehow in the course of cutting his hair, he ended up getting four popsicles (the otter pop kind). Two while I was cutting, one as a reward for being so good while I cut his hair, and the fourth as a bribe to turn off the movie he'd been watching while I was cutting his hair and go get in the bath.

Then, of course, I needed a new picture of him with his hair cut. Plus he was going camping with his dad for the weekend, so I absolutely needed a current picture of him, just in case.

When we got out of the car, there was a nice breeze. Caleb insisted on putting on his jacket (which we had brought since where they were going camping was going to be cold). When I told him he didn't need it since it was hot out (mid-80s), he told me he did need it because it was windy.

See, windy:

We moved to a different part of the wall in hopes it would be less windy.

I have no idea what the evil wrinkly nose look was for, unless it was because he was done having his picture taken. Haha, too bad for him.

Classic Caleb -- always posing:

I just love this boy!

I did mention that it's cold here, right? I mean, mid-80s, that's downright chilly. A jacket will not suffice. A hat and gloves are needed as well.

Crazy hat hair!

I'm missing this boy like crazy. At least I'm not the only one missing him. There's a certain Harley dog that has been all kinds of snuggly since Caleb left. I think he misses his little boy too.


Laura Read said...

You did a really good job with his haircut. It looks nice. Want to trim mine when you get here?

Patti said...

I can NOT believe how old this haircut makes him look! Bring him here right away so I can hug him before he gets any bigger!
Great haircut. For Harley too.