Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chick-fil-A Fun

Some friends invited us to go to Chick-fil-A on Tuesday because there was going to be a party there. Caleb refers to the night as "Grace's friend-brother's party" of "Ben's birthday party" or "Grace's party." It was actually Ben's baseball team's party (and he's Grace's brother, in case there was confusion there, and Grace is one of the girls Caleb loves).

They had someone there who was doing balloon animals and face painting. With an entire baseball team (of mostly five year old boys), she was really making balloon swords with an occasional request for an animal by the sisters of the team members. Caleb got an orange sword, which came as absolutely no surprise to me.

Caleb had tons of fun playing with the other kids. He ate his dinner in a record amount of time -- I'm surprised he didn't choke on it -- so that he could go play with the rest of the kids. After being there a while, Grace's older sister decided she wanted a different balloon animal, so she got back in line. Caleb, who absolutely adores her, got in line with her hoping to get a black sword.

The line moved unbelievably slow, yet the kids persevered. When it was finally their turn at the front, the lady told them that they could only have one balloon animal, but they could have their face painted instead. Caleb was disappointed to not get his black sword. (They did leave their first balloons at the table with us while they were in line, so either the worker remembered their cute faces or asked them if they already got a balloon and they answered honestly.) When Ellie came back with a flower painted on her face, I couldn't help but recall when Caleb was 1 1/2 yrs old and we took him to a fair where there was face painting and I told the girl painting the kids not to even attempt painting his face because he would absolutely hate it, so instead she painted a little turtle on his leg. So then Caleb came back over to the table to show me the super fast skateboard he had painted on his arm. It was so funny to me that he didn't get his face painted.

Here he is when we got home, with all his goodies (in a pose he planned out in the car when I told him I wanted to take his picture once we got home):

And no, the purple princess bouncy ball isn't his. He borrowed it from Sophie when I made him leave his play date at her house and he was so upset to go. Apparently purple princess balls are a great consolation prize for having to leave a play date.


Patti said...

I've missed your blogging. Thanks for the smiles this story brought to me.