Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Difference Between Moms and Dads

When we moved into our apartment, I told Brandon I didn't want to put anything in the bottom cupboards in our kitchen. I didn't tell him why, but my logic was that I didn't want to have to bend down to get anything, plus this would keep Caleb out of my kitchen stuff.

So when Brandon saw Caleb climbing into the cupboard the next day, he simply assumed this was the logic behind my statement. When I saw the same thing two days later I was shocked and had no idea where Caleb would have gotten such an idea. (But it totally gave me flashbacks to "A Christmas Story.")

I guess that's the difference between moms and dads. Whenever Brandon sees Caleb doing something weird or cute, he just assumes I've already seen it (which is usually true), but when I see something new I want to show everyone else.

In fact, when we were at my sister's house, we pulled a mattress downstairs for us to sleep on. But before taking it all the way down, we let the kids slide on it on the stairs. All three kids had the greatest time sliding down the mattress, but Eliot's smile was by far the cutest. Before we moved the mattress I made Laura switch spots with me (as I was at the bottom of the mattress and she was at the top) so that she could see Eliot's huge smile. Which was silly considering, as his mother, I'm sure she sees that huge grin of his all the time.

Still...look how crazy my kid is!

And on a side note, since moving to New Jersey, Caleb has gone from eating a half a sandwich to eating a whole sandwich. If you try and only give him a half, thinking he's not actually going to eat a whole one, he'll just ask for more sandwich when he finishes the first half. (Not to mention, last night he out ate me at dinner and then when we went to bed he told me he was still hungry.)


Patti said...

Cute story. Where's the photographic evidence of the mattress/stairs x 3 kids? Caleb must be about to have a growth spurt if he's eating so much (finally!).

Amy said...

That's adorable. I totally used to do that in our house in Princeton and I always felt like I was driving a car cuz I could close the door. :)