Sunday, May 3, 2009


Caleb loves otter pops. LOVES them. He could eat otter pops all day long every day. Unfortunately, in our apartment, the freezer is on the bottom, so Caleb can easily open it and pull out an otter pop whenever he wants one. Which is often.

On the upside, he can't open them without assistance (or access to the scissors). This leaves him constantly asking for help (or scissors). He's mastered the art of the word please, stretching it out in his cutest voice so that he's almost impossible to resist. Never fear, when it comes to popsicles, I'm excellent at saying no.

One day, I let Caleb have a popsicle while I went and took a shower. Halfway through my shower, he walks in holding two more popsicles, having easily finished the first. I didn't think much of it since he can't get them open without help. Ha. Little did I know, Caleb had pulled a chair across the apartment, then climbed up, grabbed the scissors from the counter, and cut open both otter pops. The scissors were moved after that.

On the day these pictures were taken (4/27), Caleb went and grabbed himself an otter pop even after I told him no. He then begged and pleaded for me to open it for him (since the scissors are typically kept hidden from him). I thought it was so funny the way that he was crying for a popsicle that I went and got the camera. That only upset Caleb more. The harder he cried, the harder it was for me to not laugh.

It wasn't as if I didn't try to cut a deal with him (i.e. let me have one good picture and I'll get the scissors for you), but he wouldn't have any of it. Eventually, on this day, the crying won out over Mommy's no. Though by the time I finally got the scissors, there wasn't much left to his otter pop.

Aren't you happy at all kid? You finally got your way. You should be happy. Where are your smiles?

Apparently the happiness was only meant for the otter pop. Mommy still got the look of death.

Strangely enough, despite his great love for them, popsicle is the only word Caleb says wrong. There are words that he gets confused and lots of words he doesn't know and okay, plenty that perhaps only I can understand. But popsicle is said wrong each and every time. It used to always be POX-si-born. Often times now he'll skip the middle syllable and just say poxborn. Either way, he's a silly boy.


Nora's world said...

Target sells latches to go on freezers (and refrigerators, etc...) We have found outs very handy.

Crowley Family said...

Cute pictures. Looks like you're having fun in New Jersey. Naomi loves popsicles too. Naomi does pretty good with saying words, but many words only I can understand. My fav is that she calls movies "moonies." We miss you.

Laura Read said...

Agnes just came upstairs and said, "What's Caleb having? A poxiborn?" Hilarious.

Patti said...

Agnes said it the same way as Caleb? Are you serious? And, I thought it was more like poxsibarn. Has he changed it slightly? I would have given in way before you did. WAY before. He's still got a tear on his face while he's eating it.

Bekah said...

Aww, that little tear is breaking my heart. How can you tell him no, he's so sweet! Cute pictures, adorable smile.

Val said...

I think that is so cute. I was actually trying to read your latest blog about potty training, but it says the site doesn't work. He is such a cute baby, and I can see why you have a blog just for him.