Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nap Wars

I miss the good old days when Caleb used to take a bottle and fall asleep as soon as he finished it.

These days it takes me an hour to get him to take a nap. A very frustrating hour.

Though sometimes it's interesting to see how he can avoid taking a nap.

Yes, he pulled his pillow and Yertle into the cupboard with him.

Then he moved onto the floor.

And Yertle got a timeout for hitting Mommy.


Crowley Family said...

Gotta love nap time, I like how Yertle got a timeout. I don't really enforce nap time anymore because it wasn't working out, but we have "quiet time," which is during what used to be nap time and we just watch a movie and rest in her room. She goes to sleep better at night now then before. We'll have to go to Jump and Shout when you get back and Naomi can show Caleb the ropes. We miss you.

Patti said...

Did Mommy or Caleb put Yertle in timeout? How long did he have to stay there, and did he apologize to Mommy when timeout was over? I'm sure Yertle has learned his lesson!

Laura Read said...

Call me today when you can