Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Battle Over Sleep Continues

Caleb officially won the Nap War. While he does still take a nap, he now naps in Mommy's bed. He screams and throws a fit if we even walk toward his bedroom when it's naptime. So in order to avoid as much screaming in our day as possible, he naps in Mommy's bed with Mommy. It still takes a while for him to fall asleep, but at least he's calm about it.

Bedtime has become a whole other issue. He hates his bed. He hates his room. He just wants to sleep with Mommy. But that leaves no room in the bed for Daddy, so we keep insisting he sleep in his own bed.

It takes hours to put him to sleep at night. The worst night was three hours long. He typically goes to bed close to midnight. He's in a twin bed and will just get up and follow us out if we try to leave him in there alone before he's completely asleep.

He used to be such an easy child to put to sleep. Hand him a bottle and he was out. Since weaning him from the bottle, it's been torturous (not to mention he refuses to drink milk now). Now that he's potty trained, he adds this as an excuse to get up out of bed, and since I don't want him to wet the bed, I let him up every time. Though he's getting better with that one. Our biggest issue is that he wants to sleep with Mommy and he usually wants to do so in Mommy's bed (but even when we can get him to stay in his bed, he'll only stay there if I lay in bed with him).

When he's asleep, he's just so precious. Every time I see those asleep little eyelids, the stress just washes right out of me.

{Pictures taken 5/11, before naptime got moved to Mommy's bed.}


Crowley Family said...

Yay that he's potty trained, but a bummer about bedtime. Most nights Naomi ends up in our bed too, and most of the time I don't remember how she got there. We miss you guys, can't wait until you're here :)

Barbour said...

Love the pictures. If you really want you can let him cry it out with the door closed now that he is two. it sucks but it works.

Patti said...

It's pretty tough to let him cry it out when you're living in small quarters (apartment life, yuck). I was always worried about how much noise my kids were making when they cried while we lived in an apartment.
Thanks for sending me that phone photo the other day. Too precious.

Lesley Wright said...

He is so cute when he sleeps. You take such great pictures.
How frustrating, I wonder why he hates his room so much?
Great that he is potty trained!