Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Caleb's First Friend

Meet Sienna. She's Caleb's first friend. Up to this point in his life, he's had playdates with the children of his mommy's friends and really had no say in the matter. Caleb and Sienna love playing together, and although they don't get to very often, whenever they see each other, they both get so excited.

Here they are at the park together. First, Sienna.

Playing together.

I love that in the picture above you can see Caleb through Sienna's camera.

Next, jumping. Caleb isn't as advanced in his jumping skills as Sienna is.

And now some pictures of Caleb by himself. Because you know how I love taking pictures of my kid.

What's he looking at over the bridge? Sienna, of course. (Not really. Though the picture of her is in the river where Caleb's looking in the picture above. Maybe he was remembering her standing there.)

At the library. They're sitting in a tub filled with pillows in the middle of the kids' picture book section.

In the grocery store. (Notice how ghetto our grocery store is: you have to put a quarter in the cart to unlock it from the other carts. Then, when you're done shopping and you lock your cart back up, you get your quarter back.)

On the few occasions these two have been shopping together, they yell to one another in the store. If they get separated they shout out to one another like a game of Marco Polo until they are together again.

(Photos from 5/28/09)


Patti said...

So cute. I loved the picture of Caleb looking over the fence. It's so nice to see Caleb's happy smiling face.