Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chattanooga Children's Museum

On Friday (6/5), the day after Danny's wedding, we spent several hours at the children's museum in Chattanooga. It was the first time Caleb had ever been to a children's museum and he had a ton of fun.

Before we'd even bought our tickets to get in, the kids were already running over to the water play area. There were waterproof smocks for the kids to put on to keep their clothes dry, but of course our kids didn't have time to wait for a smock. They needed to play.

Here's some oversized fake musical instruments that play when you push the button.

Caleb lost interest in pressing the buttons when he saw a basketball roaming free. It went to this weird contraption that used all kinds of household things to basically play basketball. In my opinion, it'd be a lot easier just to throw the ball up through the hoop.

There were also real musical instruments for the kids to play. Caleb loves music, so this was a great section for him.

A basketball hoop over an orange cone that blew air up through the cone. Needless to say, Caleb was fascinated.

An electricity ball thing.

They had a toddler play area. There was dress up, a play kitchen, a slide, and even a little baby area. Caleb and Eliot both loved playing with the trains.

There was also a little red car that you could ride in. Agnes hopped in back while Caleb pretended to drive her around (but all my pictures with her in it turned out blurry).

After the museum, we headed to the airport for the long trip home. Here's a photo of Caleb killing time waiting for our flight that was delayed. They put those carts in random places for toddlers to play with, right?

Once we got to Newark airport, Caleb finally crashed. Too bad he couldn't have done that on the airplane.

All in all, we had a great, albeit exhausting, trip. It was so worth it to be there to see my brother get married.


Patti said...

Yes, that was a very good trip!