Saturday, June 27, 2009

Disjointed Facts About Caleb

Lately, Caleb thinks he is a frog. He loves to hop around. Sometimes if I can't get him to walk (and he insists on being carried), I can convince him to hop like a frog. I have no idea where it came from, but it's funny.

Last Saturday, I was getting ready to go out and Caleb came into the bathroom and said, "Look at me." He placed his hands on his hips, then with his back to me, he shook his bum from side to side and said, "Looks good?" I swear I don't do this.

Caleb's favorite movie is Cars. He can watch it over and over and over again. However, he'll only watch it if I watch it with him. The other day he was begging to watch it, so I turned it on for him, then left the room. He didn't last two minutes before he decided he'd rather sit on Mommy's lap than watch his movie. Sometimes I try to get him to watch something else so that I don't go crazy. One of our favorite shows to watch together is Hannah Montana. It cracked me up yesterday morning when the first thing he asked for after waking up was to watch Hannah Montana.

Our favorite sport to play right now is baseball. Caleb doesn't believe in hitting the ball off the tee and insists that we pitch to him. He's really good at hitting the ball though. It took a little while to figure out the right combination, but if I have him stand the right distance away from me, then give him a good pitch, he hits the ball almost every time. He's even starting to watch the ball come toward him rather than just blindly swinging.

His favorite thing to eat is peanut butter and honey sandwiches. He has several a day usually, since he refuses to eat most other things. He still eats fruit, and occasionally chicken nuggets, but for the most part he only wants sandwiches and lemonade. (And it has to be honey, jam will not be consumed at all.) If we go out to eat, all we order for him anymore is french fries because he won't eat anything else. In fact, if I tell him we're going out to eat, he gets excited and says, "french fries." He has a weird way of eating bananas. I'll peel the banana half way and hand it to him. He'll eat the unpeeled part, then when that's finished, he insists on removing the peel completely before eating the other half of the banana.

He likes to help me do everything. I rarely have even a foot of space from the kid. If I'm washing dishes or scrubbing the tub, he still wants to be in my lap helping me. When Daddy gets home from work, Caleb freaks out and will make sure he is touching every inch of me possible and then will say, "my mommy."


Patti said...

I miss him so much!

Laura Read said...

Um...yeah. I think when summer is over you need to leave Caleb and go away for a few days (at the very least) all by yourself. It'll be good for you, but it would probably be even better for Caleb to have some Daddy time.

Lesley Wright said...

WOW! Funny little boy. I have heard of toddlers not wanting to eat a variety of foods and they could eat the same thing over and over. I laughed at the story when he said looks good that is hilarious.

Crowley Family said...

I bet he got that shake his bum thing from Hannah Montana. That's so funny. He's getting so big. I show Naomi pictures of Caleb and she still remembers him. Can't wait til you're here in Arizona. We miss you guys tons.