Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Day Walks

We have lots of rainy days here in Jersey. One such rainy day when we were without a car, Caleb and I went for a walk to see what we could see. Normally an event like this wouldn't merit me taking the camera with us, but since we'd recently lost six months worth of pictures, I was eager to capture every moment.

(Caleb thought it would be funny to try and hit me with the umbrella. Perhaps it was.)

Pictures from 6/12


The R.O.C. said...

I remember when we lost our pictures (and it was only about 2 months that we didn't have a back up of) I felt utterly devastated. And I felt like no one understood how horrible I was feeling. So I realize now that I may not have show ample empathy for your hard drive loss. I'm sorry. Really

Patti said...

Now that you're posting again, does that mean your computer is back up to speed?
I can see if I have any pictures during the "lost" time that you'd be happy with if you'd like.

Jill said...

Caleb sure is cute. And you take great pictures :)