Friday, July 10, 2009

Natural History Museum

Caleb and I finally made it to NYC! After two months of living in New Jersey, just across the river from NYC, the only visits we'd made were to pick people up from JFK airport. But we made some friends at church and headed with them to the Natural History Museum.

Waiting for the subway. Caleb wasn't a fan of the loud noise.

He was fine riding the train, but he still hated the noise.

We started on the top floor, at the dinosaur bones. Caleb was not a fan. Maybe he was still getting over the trauma of the subway, or maybe the dinosaur bones were too scary for him.

He learned from watching fireworks to cover his ears to keep out the loud noise. I think he translated this action into protecting himself when he's scared.

After we moved down to the next floor, Caleb came alive. He was running from window to window, looking at the displays, wanting me to take his picture at every one. Here he is with his new friend Sarah.

They have a discovery center for kids inside the museum full of hands on museum like stuff. Caleb loved trying on all the different hats, but when he saw the baseball helmet, he got so excited.

We had such a great time. Caleb fell asleep that night at seven o'clock and slept thirteen hours. So nice.


The Hernandez Family said...

I'm a good friend of Abby (Wanlass) Robertson and I do believe you and I might live rather close to one another. I too live in Jersey just a stones throw away from NYC and if you're ever looking for some cheap fun things to do perhaps I can give you some suggestions. Let me know.


Laura Read said...

I'm proud of you.