Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ross Dock Park

Caleb and I went to Ross Dock Park, down by the Hudson River. In trying to get to the park, you drive under the George Washington Bridge. It's pretty cool to see the bridge up close like that.

Here he is on the swings. You can see the river behind him and NYC on the other side.

My timid baby has been replaced by a fearless boy. Some of the slides at this place were HUGE, but he didn't care. He was still really cautious; if he couldn't do something, he didn't risk it. But the things he thinks he can't do are very few indeed.

At the bottom of a monstrous enclosed swirly slide that a claustrophobic person would not have ventured anywhere near. He went repeatedly.

There are rocks bordering the drop down to the river. Despite the fact that I thought it would make the cutest photo, Caleb wasn't interested in posing.

Likewise, I had him climb onto a picnic table so I could get a picture of him with the bridge and downtown Manhattan in the photo. While he obliged the climbing part, looking at the camera was one thing too many.


Patti said...

Holy Toledo! That boy has grown up since I last saw him! The picture where he has his hands on the rocks- I can totally see what he'll look like when he's a teenager. My little Caleb isn't so little anymore.

Bekah said...

For a second I thought maybe there was another Hudson River I didn't know about. Did you move to NY? Caleb hardly looks like a toddler anymore. He has moved up to little tyke or maybe even Kid status! He's just as cute as ever though. Checking out new parks is one of my favorite things.