Sunday, July 19, 2009


As previously mentioned, Caleb and I enjoy watching "Hannah Montana" together. Even though Brandon likes the show too, he thinks Caleb needs some more manly influences in his life. So Caleb and I starting watching "Jonas" too.

When asked who he likes better, Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers, Caleb will pick Jonas. And if you ask him who his favorite singer is, he'll say Jonas Brothers.

So in honor of helping Caleb become more manly, I've taught him a few lines to a Jonas Brothers' song.

What do you think the chances are of Caleb becoming a rockstar one day?


samandholly said...

There is NOTHING manly about Jonas Bros... Why not go old school with Jem or Kids Incorporated?

Patti said...

Very cute. Can he call me sometime again?

Virginia Collinwood said...

Wow, Karen.... that is such a beautiful, beautiful video. It made me smile the whole way through, and a tear fell ;). I'm sorry things kind of dwindled between us. I also hope there's no hard feelings, and if there are, can we talk?


Crowley Family said...

That was so cute! And Naomi loved watching it!

Cheryl said...

So very, very cute!

Grandma Nell said...

Oh, my heck! He definitely is the next top rock star ever! Not only the cutest, but those eyes will melt every girl around!! and his little song - "You and Me forever!" Wow! What a kiddo! So, so, SO cute! LOVE IT!