Friday, September 26, 2008

18 Month Celebration

For Caleb's eighteen month day, I made him a cherry chip cake. We've been trying the no-sugar thing, but since his first taste (back on Memorial day), I've slowly become more lax on that law. So I figured, a year and a half is still pretty good, why don't we let our kid finally have some cake.

He didn't like it.

No, correct that. He wouldn't even try it. He spit out the one bite I gave him almost the second it hit his tongue and refused to take another bite. And I mean refused.

He did like taking the cherry off the top.

That's gotta count for something, right?

We finally convinced him to taste the frosting at least. He thought that was a lot of fun.

No, wait. The part he thought was fun was sticking his fingers in the cake. Then, he wanted Mommy and Daddy to lick them clean again so he could stick them back in the frosting.


Patti said...

I'm sure he would rather have watermelon than cake.

Abigail said...

LOL, and I thought Maddie was the only "weird" little kid. She doesn't like cake, cookies, or pie. The only sugary things she likes are fruit snacks, ice cream, and popsicles!

Lesley Wright said...

Caleb gets cuter and cuter in every picture. What are you going to do when he grows up and girls start to chase after him?