Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Fun

I know I haven't posted a whole lot this month, and it's because we've been having too much fun playing now that Daddy's home again. Here's a look at some of the things we've been doing.

9/2 -- Riding Mommy's bike. We've since gotten Brandon's bike fixed and now we go on family bike rides.

9/7 -- He thinks he's a big boy now and doesn't need to swing in the baby swing.

9/12 -- Loving Naomi. (And as a sign of his love, Caleb can say Naomi perfectly. He still can't say Caleb.)

9/13 -- Sleeping in his toddler bed (which is a step down from the twin size bed he got all summer and makes it much more uncomfortable when he wants Mommy to lay down beside him).

9/14 -- Caleb wants to do everything he sees Daddy doing.

9/18 -- First time coloring with sidewalk chalk.

9/18 -- Though this is something we do all the time. Caleb's really good at it and he gets so excited every time he makes a basket. We're trying to teach him how to throw it in from a little farther back. Today he wanted to shoot from where Daddy was, a good fifteen or so feet away.


AbbyDawn said...

Those are all super cute pictures!! I'm jealous that he's in a toddler bed. We tried it with maddie and she would NOT stay put, she'd stand at her door for like 20 screaming about being stuck.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness the shaving picture is priceless! =) I really like the idea of the front seat bike. I've never seen that before. Cool!!