Thursday, September 18, 2008


Brandon's birthday was last week. Caleb slept till a decent hour, which was nice for Mommy (who normally doesn't wake up with the baby now that Daddy's home again), but meant that we were a little late making breakfast. Since breakfast was a tad behind schedule, Brandon opted to skip his first class.

"That's not going to ruin your plans for the day, is it?" he asked me. I assured him I had no plans and all was well. Actually, I had tons to do but didn't want to give him any clues.

Fortunately, he decided to go to his other two classes, which meant that Caleb and I got to run our errands. We went and bought Daddy his birthday presents, and filled our car full of balloons.

Brandon was surprised when he came home and our house was not only clean, but decorated too! Our living room was full of balloons and there was a stack of presents waiting to be opened. Caleb was sleeping though, and I insisted that Brandon wait for him to open the presents. As soon as Caleb woke up from his nap, the boys got to work ripping off the wrapping paper.

Caleb bought Daddy some great toys at the dollar store (which was actually 88 cent Tuesday). Mommy got him Guitar Hero the Aerosmith version. When he first opened it, he thought it was just the guitar and didn't see how it was really a present for him (I've been wanting a second guitar so we could play together), but then realized it was the Aerosmith version and was excited.

But the real present of the day was his chocolate raspberry cheesecake. We had a party that night for him and it was tons of fun. Though, by the end of the night, I asked him if it felt like his birthday and he said no. Just another night of partying.


Patti said...

Happy Birthday to Brandon (even though I already told him that)!

Jaymie said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! If you have time to come visit here while I'm in town, I'd love to see you. Call me when you get a chance.