Saturday, September 20, 2008

Babysitting Adventures

When I signed Brandon up for classes at BYU, I thought it would be fun if we both went to his religion class, which is on Thursday nights. The first two weeks of school, I didn't go since I didn't have anyone to watch Caleb. We've been meaning to ask someone if they wanted to do a babysitting exchange, but hadn't gotten around to it. Then at church on Sunday, one of the announcements in Relief Society was for another sister in our ward who was hoping to do a babysitting exchange. So now I get to go to religion class with Brandon and we also get to play with this cute girl on occasion.

So far, Caleb seems to like her. She takes a pacifier, and he loves to put it in her mouth for her. Sometimes it's really hard for him to be patient and wait till she drops it so he can give it to her again. He's also really good at showing her how all his toys work. He's not so sure yet that she should get to play too, but she's only seven months, so I don't think she minds.

After spending so much time this summer with his cousin Agnes, Caleb is afraid of most other kids. He likes to watch them and thinks it's fun to chase them, but if they come near him, he'll scream before they even touch him. The one exception to this rule is Naomi, whom he loves and will hug all night if we let him. She even bit him the last time we were hanging out together because she was done with the hugging and he didn't cry at all. That's true love.

So far he's been really good with our new little friend, Alana. He likes to give her hugs and has been good at being soft all the time. I think it helps that she's so much smaller than him. And that she doesn't move at all. It makes me think that maybe, by the time we finally get around to having another kid (if ever), Caleb might be okay with it (although he hates when Mommy and Daddy touch each other in any way, so we're pretty sure he still wants to be an only child.)


Bekah said...

First play dates are so fun. I love the look on Naomi's face when Caleb is giving her a hug. Glad it all worked out for you.

Patti said...

Cute anonymous little girl. She's got that deer in the headlights look though.
Glad you posted again...I was going through a mighty long dry spell there what with no posting from you and I haven't seen Caleb in over a week...cute stories.
Thanks for the extra amount of pictures in the previous posts. Love that boy!

Barbour said...

Okay so I've been out of service for alittle bit and don't get on as much as I use to. You guys have done a lot of fun stuff. Happy belated b-day to brandon. Caleb is a little toddler now. How fun.