Wednesday, September 24, 2008

18 Months Part 2

Caleb is such a cute boy these days. He talks a ton (though I may be the only one who understands him). He repeats just about everything we say (including trying to say "anesthesiologist" the other day). Lately he's been very agreeable, answering "yes," "yeah," or "yep" to almost every question we ask him (which has been so nice -- I hated when he said no to everything, as if I was lying to him all the time). My favorite thing he says when copying us is "strong man" -- he also tries to flex his arm muscles when saying this. My favorite thing that he voluntarily says is "bless you" -- which you'll hear if you sneeze, cough, or sometimes even if you yawn. My second favorite voluntary saying is "thank you," which he says when you give him something, but more often when he gives you something (always a sign that he wants you to take something when he starts saying thank you). Oh, and for Brandon's birthday, Caleb learned to say happy birthday, or rather "happy to you" which he now says all the time. (Caleb keeps saying things as I'm typing, reminding me of some of his cutest expressions.)

His favorite activities including climbing, being chased, sliding on the neighbor's slide (he'll often just head for their backyard when they're not even back there so he can play with their toys), and of course, anything sports related. He loves to hit things, whether it's actually playing baseball or using one car to hit another one that's rolling across the coffee table. He also loves to play basketball and wants to play every day, especially since we took it outside. He loves to be outside, even if it just means eating his fruit snacks on the front steps.

He's the sweetest little boy, who is so full of love. He gives Mommy hugs and kisses all the time. Last night, he didn't want to sleep (from about one till five in the morning), so we brought him into bed with us. He woke me up three different times (silly me for dozing off again) giving me kisses over and over again. It was so adorable, I didn't even care that I didn't get to sleep (until this morning came when I insisted Brandon take Caleb into the other room so I could catch up some). He loves to copy his Daddy, which sometimes works out nicely for Mommy; sometimes they take turns giving me hugs or kisses, which is really the cutest thing ever. He also hates it when Daddy touches Mommy in any way because he wants Mommy all to himself. Of course, he does occasionally throw a fit, usually when Mommy is being lazy and doesn't want to get off the couch to follow Caleb wherever he thinks we should go.


The R.O.C. said...

That's really funny because for a long time Agnes only said "Happy To You" also.

Patti said...

Caleb is really so cute when he does "strong man." Karen, you need to take a video clip of that for your next post.
I had a wonderful time babysitting that little guy last night! Thanks for letting me do it!

Fox Family said...

I am so glad he keeps you busy and gives you kisses. he definitely loves his mommy!

Barbour said...

Finally freedom at church. I love how Teak sings happy birthday to. It is probably the cutest thing a kid could do.

Kristin said...

He's too stinkin cute!

About your comment on my post I'm the exact same way. In no way does Kaila need anymore toys. She doesn't even play with the ones she has!