Saturday, July 23, 2011

Backyard Fun

After Laura's family got to California, the cousins all enjoyed playing with one another, especially out in the backyard. Though I hear they did quite a number on the playroom upstairs. (I didn't actually see the mess.)

Agnes (5) and Sara (4)

Mia (2)

Eliot (3)

And because we all need a little more Olive in our lives:

My apologies to Nora for the lack of her cute face in this blog post -- the only pictures I got of her (besides as a background person) were swinging and completely blurry or with her hair covering her entire face so you can't actually see her. No worries, I took well over 700 photos while we were in California (for five days), so I'm sure she'll turn up somewhere.


regular grandma said...

You got some great pictures of Mia. I hope it is ok to use those off your blog. Thanks