Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Little Off-Roading

After Samuel got home from work, we ordered pizza. The kids wanted to ride bikes and such while we waited for the pizza to arrive. But first they had to clean up the playroom. I think Caleb's biggest cry of Thursday came when Samuel told him to go back downstairs when Caleb really wanted to stay and help the girls clean up. I'm sure there's more to the story, but that's all I could get out of Caleb in between his sobs.

Soon the playroom was clean and we all headed out front. Caleb chose to ride Sara's princess scooter. It does not in any way phase him to ride something so girly. In fact, it doesn't even cross his mind that is should phase him in any way.

Sara and Agnes rode in the Jeep, taking turns driving:

Nana helped Nora get started on her bike:

The battery on the car was already low when the girls started riding, and quickly ran completely out of steam. Eliot hurried over to help out and push the Jeep for them.

Once it was the boys' turn to go for a ride, Agnes kindly repaid the favor by giving them a push. Soon Sara joined in pushing the Jeep around so Caleb and Eliot could experience the fun, even with a dead battery.

After the pizza came, I put my camera down and didn't take any more pictures that night. Which is such a shame since I missed out on Olive getting to eat pizza (and she really went to town on it) for the first time. We also had a fun, impromptu spelling bee that started out just between Nora and Nick and soon had all the older kids involved. In an effort to make sure Nora won, I suggested the word soliloquy for Nick, which he didn't know how to spell. Laura and I confessed to him later that we didn't know how to spell it either and anything he said we would have just gone with. Eventually Danny and his family got to the house and we got to see them briefly, and meet Claire for the first time. Such a cutie, but no pictures that night, as the camera was inside the house. More to come though, don't you worry.