Thursday, July 28, 2011


The last day we were in California, Nana played games with the girls while they were waiting for everyone to wake up and get going. My camera found them deep in the midst of a game of Monopoly. Simpson's Monopoly actually. And only Nana and Nora were playing. Sara was the banker. And Caleb was still asleep when the game got started. But by the time I went over to take pictures, he'd woken up and joined them. Apparently, he also beat me to the punch as far as documenting the moment.

Not the most gorgeous photos, but well, I don't do mornings.


Bekah said...

Uncle Tom would be so proud. He loves Monopoly. He has even read books about Monopoly. With him play by the rules or don't play, it's not so fun, and he always wins. But this, this game looks fun. What a good grandma. Love the pictures. Hope you are well. Thanks for sharing. (Wish I'd get my own blog in gear.)