Friday, August 5, 2011

Caleb at the Beach

The one thing I really wanted to do while in California was to go to the beach and have a bonfire. Well...that didn't happen. But after what seemed like the entire day of trying to get there, we did finally squeeze in some beach time at Huntington. (We tried Balboa first and couldn't find parking anywhere. Eventually gave up and chilled at my grandpa's for a while. Once everyone made it to his place, we tried again for Huntington only to have every entrance to the beach closed off except for one -- and you could only get in from one direction.)

I think Caleb was the most excited about wearing the new swim clothes Nana had bought him. But he was also pretty excited to see the ocean. Not so much on actually going in the ocean.

Caleb was inspired by the sight of Nick and Samuel out in the water each holding one of their kids and decided that he wanted me to hold him and go out into the water.

It didn't last long as it was really rather cold.

In fact, the entire beach was freezing. So windy. So cold. We didn't spend very much time at the beach before heading back to my grandpa's house to hang out. It was just too cold. But at least we made it there. We got our feet wet. And sandy.

(I have a ton more beach pictures of the rest of the family. Too many to go through. So enjoy just Caleb and we'll see if the others ever make their way onto the blog.)


Virginia Collinwood said...

Love the pictures! When were you there? I was just there last weekend, and it was so windy the sand was stinging our skin! Not cool. But we went again another day and I got SO SUN BURNT! I love the picture of Caleb on your lap. You look cute in glasses. :) :hug:

Much love,

Patti said...

Cute Caleb has a cute mommy :)