Friday, August 12, 2011

Tidbits from Today

There were so many times today that Caleb did something cute and I wanted to share, so I'm writing them all down. Or at least, what I can remember now that our day is finally over and he's asleep in bed.

My car was out of gas, so we stopped at Safeway to fill up while we were out and about today. Caleb decided to get out of the car to help me. He wanted to wash the car while I pumped the gas. Not just wash the windows. Wash the whole entire car. Even after the tank was full of gas, we couldn't leave because Caleb was still washing the car with the gas station squeegee. As I watched him, I couldn't help but think, this is one of those moments where it really is the thought that counts. He was so sweet and cute, wanting to do something nice for me. Unfortunately, a squeegee isn't really the best tool for cleaning an entire car. After we got back into the car, he was so proud of his work because we could see so much better out of the windows. (I did help him wash the car, but I would have quit once the gas was done except that he insisted we finish the job.)

We read a book about tooth fairies today. It's a book we got from the library and we've read it several times before, but tonight as we started the book, I explained to Caleb exactly what a tooth fairy is and the whole idea of leaving your teeth under your pillow or in a glass of water for the tooth fairy who in turn leaves you money. After I finished explaining it to him, I asked him if he thought it was real or pretend. He decided it was both real and pretend. What do you mean? The fairy part is pretend, but the teeth are real, he explained to me.

Caleb was pretty crazy going to bed tonight. Bedtime is something I really struggle with. It takes me a really long time to get him to go to sleep. Part of the problem is that bedtime is often our funnest time of the day. There are no distractions, just him and me being together. We laugh so much at bedtime. He always wants one more snuggle, one more kiss, one more silly. And he's so cute that I have trouble saying no. He didn't want to get into his pajamas tonight (which is typical) and I said to him, "Do you want to fight or do you want to obey me?" He chose fight. But our fight was just so hilariously funny that we are both laughing so hard and there's no pajamas in sight. Trying to regain control of the situation, I modified my statement, "Do you want to obey me or do you want a mean fight?" He picked mean fight. I tried so hard to get my mean face on, but couldn't stop laughing.

Once we were finally ready for bed with the lights out and everything, after so much laughter and silliness, I asked Caleb if he wanted a song to help him calm down. He decided he needed five songs, since he was just that crazy at the moment. So I started to sing. After five songs, much silliness, and a story about being a space ranger one day, it was really time for bed. Caleb says to me that he needs one more song because he's just a little bit crazy still and it will help him calm down a little. He was still awake when I finished, we said I love you to one another, a kiss, then he rolled over and was sound asleep.

I just love that kid. He's so precious and adorable. I'm so thankful to get to spend the little moments of life with him.


Patti said...

Nana loves him too. A lot. Really a lot.

Beema said...

So cute! I love the pretend and real, teeth and tooth fairy! Love your bedtime fun and the "car wash". What a sweet, sweet little guy!