Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lunch at McDonalds

After the movie, we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things, then stopped at the McDonalds in the store to have lunch because the boys really wanted light sabers and at the time McDonalds had Star Wars toys. Sadly, the McDonalds inside Wal-Mart didn't have light sabers. Or salads. So we decided to go somewhere else for lunch.

Loved that they were all holding hands as we walked back out to the car:

Somewhere else for lunch turned out to be a different McDonalds because well, the boys REALLY wanted light sabers. I made them promise that if the next McDonalds didn't have light sabers, they would settle for a different Star Wars toy and that we weren't going to find a third McDonalds.

Fortunately, this McDonalds had light sabers, but only one color. But while that wasn't the desired outcome for the boys, they were quite happy nonetheless.

Of course, being the responsible caretakers that we are, we made them eat their oh-so-nutritious meals before allowing them to play with their new toys.


Patti said...

Way nutritious! Jack is drinking milk and the other 2 boys have juice. No soda pop there! See what good responsible caretakers we were?