Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caleb's Stories

I'm a person that loves stories. Reading them, writing them, listening to them. Sometimes even telling them. More than anything, I love Caleb's stories. His stories often make me wonder if perhaps reincarnation is real. So many times he's told me a story about before he was "born again" or when he was a teenager. There's one he's told me more than once about going rock climbing and his family all died but he didn't. I think that one took place in Africa, based on the names of his family members. Or perhaps another planet, like Krypton.

The other day he told me one that started like this, "When I was three, before I was born again, before you were a mom, when I was three, my new mom..." and then proceeded to tell me how this other mom of his liked her bath mat to be.

Sometimes he writes his stories down (not using real letters) and I try to write down what he's saying as he writes out his story. Other times, I'll ask him to tell me a story and will type it out as he talks.

Here's his most recent story:

Once upon a time, there was seven eight nine twenty pirates in a ship. Then they had lots and lots of food and stuff at the ship. But they never had TV at their ship. Next morning, the first little pirate went out to fish for a TV and he fished and he got it. Soon they had a TV at their ship. Soon they watched movies and played games on their TV. One day a big pirate came to their ship and said, “little pirates, little pirates, let me come in your ship.” And the pirates said “not by the hair of my feety feet feet.” I mean he says, “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin.” And then he cannonballed and cannonballed and then he never cannonballed their ship in their water. And it was never going to sink. And they lived happily ever after. The end.

I just read Caleb his story and he added, "Yeah, that's because the other little pirates cannonballed his ship."


Laura Read said...

That's a perfect story! Way to go for writing it down. One day you can make him a book of all his stories.

Crowley Family said...

That is so cute!