Sunday, August 14, 2011

Be Our Guest

After selling our house in July, we needed a place to stay for a few weeks (or rather, for six weeks). I asked the bishop if there was anyone in our ward that might be out of town for the summer and would rent us their house while they were gone. A few days later my Relief Society president texted me that they'd found us a place to live for the rest of the summer. A member of our ward had a guest house in their backyard that they would let us stay in. By guest house, I mean it was bigger and nicer than any apartment I could have afforded.

My favorite part of the guest house was looking through the kitchen window (the only window that faced south) to the view behind us (that was still their backyard). Mountains, horses, open space. It was beautiful, especially in the evening before the sun set.

We never did get a chance to ride the horses while we were there. Caleb said he wanted to, but I doubt he really did. Since well, even getting near one of the horses was rather terrifying. They were downright friendly.


Patti said...

The horses were a little scary. I didn't like all the flies that were crawling around their eyes. Yuck. But the view from the window was marvelous.