Monday, July 25, 2011

So Many Cousins

The one thing my mom wanted to do while we were in California was to get a picture of all her grandkids together. We're not all together very often, but with this many little kids, it seemed like a disastrous idea. I volunteered to be the photographer rather than taking them somewhere to get their photo done.

When we moved to a new spot, as quickly as possible since we had other things to get to that day, Caleb picked a spot right next to Agnes. For whatever reason, Agnes got moved and Caleb started bawling. He apparently really wanted to sit next to Agnes. So even after we moved him next to her again, he was still upset. Nana hurried through and gave all the kids a kiss on the top of their heads. Which magically cheered Caleb up.

I took at least a dozen shots of each pose, in hopes of getting them all to look good in one. I don't know that we quite achieved that. But at least we now how a few photos of all of them together.

After we finished, we let them go off and play. I grabbed one quick shot of each of them (except for Claire, since my mom was standing next to me and thought she could get her to smile, which she somewhat managed).

Poor little Olive. I think she was under the impression that nobody was going to feed her ever again. Or maybe she wanted a nap. Who knows. She was pretty cranky most the trip actually, which is very un-Olive-like.

And a few more random ones from while we were at the park:


Patti said...

You know how to put a smile on my face!!! I'm sitting here grinning like crazy :)
I LOVE these kids! Thanks for taking their pictures. Now I can update my Nana board in the craft room. Yippee!

Laura Read said...

I adore these photos! They look so incredible. Mom better do a whole lot more than just update her Nana board. These are awesome.

Bekah said...

Such great pictures! Good job Karen! I just love the one on the jungle gym. I'd like to print and frame it. I appreciate how hard this must have been. There are only 5 cousins in Ryan's family and when they were little, every Halloween and Easter we took them to a studio. It was so hard to get them all to smile and look at the camera. But its so fun to have a picture like these because in awhile all you remember is how cute they were and not how hard it was to take. So really, "great job!". It makes me so happy to see cute cousins playing together.