Saturday, July 23, 2011

Piano Players

We went down to California last week to visit with my family. My younger brother, who lives in Tennessee these days, was going out for a visit, so the rest of us coincidentally came out that exact same weekend. Total coincidence, right? Sadly, I saw my brother very little. But we still had tons of fun with the rest of the family.

Caleb and I drove into town on Thursday. It took us exactly five hours from the time I pulled out of the driveway of our old house, after dropping Harley off in the backyard (since the house hadn't closed yet and it was still technically my backyard), until we pulled up at Samuel's house. Caleb was a total trooper in the car and we only made one super fast stop along the way.

When we got there, only Nana had arrived (plus Samuel's family, since they live in Cali and that's where we all met up). Caleb was a little shy to see his cousins again, but with Nana's encouragement, soon warmed up to them.

Nora told me she could play the piano a little bit, and I asked her to play for me. She ended up not playing, I forget why, maybe she didn't have the right book or something, but soon Nana was recruited to take over. Nora, Sara and Caleb joined her on the bench:

Nora had gotten this Woody doll as a prize (for swim lessons maybe?) and let Caleb play with it, as a way of enticing him out of his initial shyness. Caleb enjoyed dancing Woody along the piano, which had all of them laughing.


Patti said...

It's so much fun to see the pictures up on your blog of the weekend. I can hardly wait until you post more. I had so much fun!!! Boy, that tetherball sure tuckered me out! Maybe I should get one for my backyard so I can get even more exercise! Keep posting!